Fluent, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLNT), a leading data-driven, performance marketing company, announced rankings in Truthset’s Truthscore™ Index for Q2 2021. Truthset is a data intelligence company, focused exclusively on validating the accuracy and compliance of consumer data. The Truthscore™ Index is a record-level rating measure of a single provider’s overall data quality within a given attribute segment relative to the entire cohort of data providers for the same segment.

A data provider’s average Truthscore™ quantifies the probability that record-level consumer data is accurate across 20+ different attributes. In the first quarter of participation, Fluent scored highly on several data attributes both in Index and Rank. Most notable:

  • Household Income: Index of 121, Rank #1
  • Presence of Children: Index of 174, Rank #1
  • Single Relationship Status: Index of 300, Rank #1
  • Education Overall: Index of 196, Rank #1
  • Employment Overall: Index of 129, Rank #1

With hard to find and reach 55+ year old individuals, Fluent ranked #1 in both the 55-64 and 65+ age demographics. Fluent also ranked #1 for accuracy in the overall household income segment, over-indexing across each of the three income bands.

Fluent’s differentiated data offering enables advertisers to connect to 260 million authenticated consumer profiles across programmatic, social, and connected TV platforms. Using Fluent’s platform, brands build meaningful connections with consumers, making it easier for them to find relevant products and services aligned to their self-reported interests and preferences.

“Accuracy is important for all types of data, and Fluent’s commitment to publicly verifying their data with Truthset underscores how their unique method of data collection is only enhanced by measuring its accuracy. Accurate data will improve the precision and performance of any data-driven decision,” said Scott McKinley, CEO of Truthset. “Advertisers need to know that the data they are getting is credible, accurate, and will deliver ROI on their chosen audiences. Truthset makes it easy for advertisers to select great data from quality partners like Fluent.”

Fluent joins 15 of the largest third-party data providers in the advertising industry as a recent addition to the Truthset Data Provider Network.

“We are proud to collaborate with Truthset on this data validation initiative as we continue to uphold transparent data practices and provide best-in-class data solutions for our advertisers,” said Brian Hogan, President of Data Solutions at Fluent. “Fluent’s #1 ranking across key consumer attributes is a true testament to the overall quality and accuracy of our data offerings.”

To learn more about Fluent, visit https://www.fluentco.com/.