We’re making progress and the pace is quickening.

In January of 2017, Florida had less than 1,500 registered medical marijuana patients. Two weeks after the enacting legislation passed in June, there were almost 20,000 registered patients.

Now, 60,000 patients have access.

Help us keep the progress going and make sure the hundreds of thousands of patients who need access can get it: Contribute here to meet our end of month fundraising deadline.

In less then one year, Florida is outpacing patient numbers in states with programs for years like CT, HI, IL, NV, NM, NY, OR, and WA. This should only continue, as ID cards should be fully outsourced by mid-February, speeding up the process. The Department of Health also finally made an easier search function to locate physicians in your area that you can see here, and they should have a fully functional call center set up by January to answer patient inquiries.

There are still more issues ahead, but know that we continue to fight for you. We are still waiting for testing, edible, packaging, pesticide, and other rules that may need to be adjusted.

But our continued work requires funding: Please help us help patients by contributing here. (If you’d like to make a monthly donation instead, please click here and one of us will contact you.)