In light of COVID-19, on March 16, 2020, Emergency Order 20-002 went into effect. This Emergency Order issued by the Florida Department of Health is temporarily allowing Florida medical marijuana patients to complete follow-up visits through Telemedicine. This means patients can be re-certified for another 7 months by their medical marijuana physician without having to leave home. The Emergency Order is only good until May 8, 2020. Physicians cannot use Telemedicine for initial visits, as this Emergency Order applies to existing patients only. Patients must schedule their Telemedicine follow-up exam with their current medical marijuana physician.

Dr. Marissa Magsino, M.D. of DocMJ says, “Telemedicine is bridging the frontier of providing medical care to reach out to patients during these challenging times. Patients are grateful for continuity of care.” Dr. Landau of DocMJ also adds, “I just completed my first week of Telemedicine appointments and was pleased with DocMJ’s seamless transition from office appointments. Patients have the ability to renew their recommendations from the comfort of their home without risking exposure to the coronavirus which is paramount since so many are compromised due to underlying medical conditions. Simply call DocMJ or schedule an appointment online and then follow the instructions that will be given to you in an email.”

How Does it Work?

In order to complete a Telemedicine follow-up exam with your physician, you will need to have good internet service on the device you will be using and the device must have a camera and a microphone. If you do not have a computer, laptop or tablet, you may use a smartphone (iPhone or Android). You also need to be in a quiet place with little to no feedback or background noise and sign on about 3 minutes before your scheduled visit time to wait for your doctor.

Telemedicine follow-up exams can be scheduled through the online booking system or over the phone with a Patient Care Coordinator at (888) 908.0143.