By Daniel Casciato

Looking for help with your live scan and fingerprint background check needs? FastFingerprints is your one-stop shop for the state of Florida and nationwide. 

With 40 FastFingerprints Florida locations, the company provides a reliable network of live scan providers that can capture fingerprints for a Florida Level 2 background check electronically (with or without AHCA photo) and transmit the data directly to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). 

FastFingerprints has been in the South Florida market since 2011, but has been in the biometric software industry and processing fingerprints since 1999. Including Florida, they now have over 200 locations nationwide.

“In this capacity we can fulfill the background check needs of a host of industries including, but not limited to, Medical Marijuana, Compassionate Care, Insurance, Home Health, Hospice, Massage Therapy, and Nursing,” says Jade Perez, who works out of the company’s corporate office in Tampa. In addition, its Florida locations also offer customers the ability to have their fingerprints put on cards (Fingerprint Cards). 

For companies looking to have services brought to their location, FastFingerprints provides a Mobile Service at no extra charge. 

“This has been a huge component of our business, as our customers seek to make the background check process easier for their applicants,” says Lisa Kirk, the company’s Florida Regional Representative who manages all FastFingerprints locations in the state of Florida. “We usually require a minimum of 20 applicants for a mobile appointment, and can support groups as large as 500.” 

Lastly, for applicants seeking a Florida fingerprint background check, who may not currently be in the state of Florida, they offer a: 

• National network of fingerprint live scan providers that can process electronic Florida level 2 background checks.

• Card scanning option that allows for customers to submit fingerprint cards to its corporate office for scanning into the FDLE, for their background check.

As the final option, FastFingerprints offers public database searches for customers seeking to do non-fingerprint background checks including, but not limited to, social security check, global watch list, county/state/federal checks, and name checks. This information can also be found online at

FastFingerprints is 100% woman-owned and was established in 1999. The owners saw a need in the fingerprint background check industry, and an opportunity to make the background check process for nursing students, real estate students, and potential insurance agents much easier. The company grew from there to include countless other industries.

What distinguishes FastFingerprints from others that offer similar background check services is its customer service, notes Nick McCleese, the South Florida Sales Representative for FastFingerprints. McCleese is responsible for marketing, generating sales, and tapping into new markets in the South Florida region. 

“FastFingerprints is here for the customer and we have made it our cornerstone,” he says. “All of our locations accept walk-in customers to make it easy for the busy lives of our customers. Online scheduling and payment is another option for our customers if that is what they prefer.”

Kirk adds that they also acknowledge that the main reason for a background check is for licensing or employment—customers seeking to move on to the next phase of their life. 

“To that end, we try to help them with this mission, and are known as the company that answers the phone with a live person, so that customers don’t need to go into voicemail,” she says. “We always seek to bring a level of humanity and professionalism to our customers, while they are on their journey.”

While it might seem easier in theory to handle background checks in-house, most HR departments are already swamped, which is why it may make sense for your organization to outsource this work. 

“FastFingerprints has been in the fingerprint background check industry for over 20 years and can truly help make the process bearable for the already overworked HR department, or for anyone providing part-time HR services,” says Perez. “Because of our longevity in this industry, we consider ourselves to have a level of expertise that can really come in handy in this day and age of compliance. You can trust that FastFingerprints will know state and federal requirements to ensure that background checks are done correctly and efficiently.

In the long term, FastFingerprints is continually looking to keep customer service at its forefront as they continue to grow in Florida and beyond. 

“We believe that no fingerprint livescan company can match our commitment to the customer, and this is news too good to keep to ourselves,” says McCleese.

In the short term, FastFingerprints is focused on adapting to the ever-changing background check requirements of the industries it serves. Currently, it is the Florida Medical Marijuana industry that is requiring a great deal of attention, as people seek to become involved in one way or another.

We are here to help, and we want anyone in need of a fingerprint level 2 background check to give FastFingerprints a try,” says Perez. “They will be pleasantly surprised!”

For more information, visit, or call (813) 437-6540 for questions.