There are approximately 15.6 million unbanked consumers in the United States. These are people who are living in households where no one has a checking or savings account. Until recently, this group, along with the 51.1 million U.S. adults who are considered underbanked, have been ignored by most banks because they typically have poor credit ratings and are unlikely to generate meaningful deposits or banking fees.

Find us in Apple and Android “ eXPO mobile payments”

Larry Lipman, founder said in the announcement that unbanked consumers want to be part of the economy and now, paying electronically is a reality for everyone.

Unfortunately, for various reasons millions of people and businesses have been excluded. Now, consumers can

1. Enjoy a free account including checking, ACH and wire.

2. Reduce bill pay costs.

3. Load cash to a financial center ATM like machine that will begin to appear first in cannabis dispensaries and then other high traffic businesses.

4. Pay others electronically that also have the eXPO App.

5. Receive direct deposit pay and payroll debit card.

Lipman added, “employees of the cannabis industry generally lose their bank account due to their continuous cash deposits. eXPO provides relief to the thousands who become victims of bank account closure.”

Join eXPO and free yourself from cash.

As a free app for consumers

Find us in Apple and Android “ eXPO mobile payments

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