Anticipates Expedited Approvals for Hemp Extracted CBD Products with Documented Enhanced Bioavailability 

As physicians, the quest for evidence-based medicine is ever present. However, medicine is still a blend of science and art and that is particularly true when dealing with medical cannabis advice. The data collection for medicinal efficacy of medical cannabis is still in its infancy and is definitely negatively impacted by government regulation, laws and perception in America.

That frustration is what prompted a group of 30 physicians, DocMJ, who believe in the need for knowledgeable advice and affordable patient access to medical cannabis, to initiate an annual symposium to share expertise on best practices. This year, they collaborated with an international expert in the realm of medical cannabis to help create an approved baseline for a standard of care that is tailored to the individual patient needs.

According to President/Founder of DocMJ, Michael Bruno, D.O, FACOI, cannabis therapy has been impeded for the past 20 years in the states, due to intricate legalities and lack of scientific data. While CBD is broadly believed to have therapeutic properties which ease symptoms of various diseases beyond standard treatments, its components have a poor shelf life and unstable bioavailability (degree of absorption through the blood stream). Bioavailability is impacted by route of administration, stability, and water solubility among many factors. The pharmacology of chemical component effectiveness is complicated and hinders the capability for consumers to be able to distinguish quality and strength of what they may purchase in retail outlets or online. These circumstances provide prime opportunities for scams and misuse. False and misleading claims based on obsolete or non-existent technology can render many products as nothing more than proverbial snake oil.

“The consumer may feel assured that there is cannabis contained in the product they purchase; however, while this may be true, it is well studied that many current over the counter CBD products are innately weak with under 10% bioavailability,” Dr. Bruno explained. 

This year Mark Rosenfeld PhD, of Ananda Scientific, shared information with DocMJ regarding trailblazing progress working with major scientific and medical institutions, particularly in Israel, where government regulations do not inhibit scientific cannabis research and nanotechnology. Thus, through controlled research and comparative studies a new patented CBD product will be available in July. It has data-backed proof that it elevates and holds a bioavailability of 90% in an oral administration, the route of choice. Furthermore, the precise, patented technology withstands GRAS (generally recognized as safe) scrutiny with a high likelihood of FDA trials scheduled for peripheral neuropathy.

According to Dr. Bruno, medical professionals are always looking for the most effective and safe means to prescribe medicine administration. Predictably, oral and vaporized delivery of CBD are the most effective routes related to outcomes and positive impact on patient compliance; however, instability and water solubility are consistent difficulties with CBD, resulting in the need for massive dosage recommendations in order to achieve results. “Now we can recommend an affordable oral product with scientific proof that supports the medicinal benefits – plus a bioavailability of 90% that exceeds most products and has a shelf life of two years.

“We are learning from these cutting-edge studies that by improving the stability, this hemp derived CBD stays in the blood stream longer and the bottom line is that it will reduce or alleviate symptoms, particularly pain with minimal daily doses,” Bruno said. This water-soluble capsule, taken twice daily is expected to maintain a longer half-life in the patient to reduce symptoms.

“These GRAS compliant outcomes will be studied by the FDA and allow us, as physicians to advise and give patients access to proper dosage and strengths for relief,” he explained. “We are excited about this groundbreaking opportunity,” he continued, “because it will be the first nutraceutical OTC capsule which can make these legitimate claims.”

Paradigm Shift Improves Quality and Safety

The paradigm shift is connecting with physicians like Doc MJ who believe in medical cannabis and have the academic and experiential knowledge to be able to prescribe for patients. This unique marketing route to physicians, rather than direct to consumer, promises to result in a safer, more impactful delivery of a standard of care in the near future. And, DocMJ is committed to tailoring care to patients with a money back guarantee if individuals do not qualify for a recommendation.

While CBD in the USA remains in a grey zone legally, Ananda Scientific has partnered with leading clinical experts worldwide conducting science-based R&D for expedited FDA approval. DocMJ anticipates endorsing the launch of a hemp extract product DocCBD this summer. It is anticipated that by pioneering this product with improved therapeutic value and no psychotropic side effects for patients, it can attack and reduce the opiate crisis and alleviate abuse potential.

“As practicing physicians, we are passionate about this product because it is the first physician-endorsed oral CBD product backed by scientific data to support absorption at minimal dosages with no conversion to THC or psychotropic side effects,” Dr. Bruno summarized.

Doc MJ was established in 2016 as a gateway to provide knowledgeable, affordable medical advice and determine benefits regarding marijuana therapy to patients. “We have an extremely low turnover of dedicated physicians and have grown to more than 23 locations throughout Florida because of personal and professional values,” Bruno said. “Our goal is to cut through the many fraudulent claims regarding CBD products and provide our patients with recommendations for this breakthrough, orally administered hemp derived patented CBD capsule that is backed by scientific data.”

For information, email or call (888) 778-2409. The DocCBD website, live as of July, is or call (888) 316-6659.