Hemp CBD has become one of the fastest-growing industries with sales projected to reach into the billions. In fact, a recent study by Cowen Research forecasted the CBD market to reach $16 billion by 2025. It’s a rapidly growing industry with significant opportunities. 

Florida differs slightly from other states because its population skews older, notes Kate Lynch, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Curaleaf Hemp. “CBD has been shown to be a useful treatment for inflammation, a condition people increasingly suffer from as they age.”  

As a leading vertically integrated cannabis operator, Curaleaf Hemp’s team has years of experience in cultivation, cannabinoid extraction and formulation, and currently operates 44 dispensaries, 12 cultivation sites and 11 processing centers across 12 states. You can also find many of its products now available in select CVS retail stores.

Lynch says that her company is strongly committed to proactively engaging with state and federal regulatory agencies to address industry changes.

“We leveraged our extensive research and development capabilities to expand into the hemp derived CBD business offering a full line of the highest quality CBD products,” she says. “Curaleaf Hemp supports overall wellness. Because of our deep history in medical cannabis, working within one of the most regulated industries, we are also a brand consumers can trust.” 

The biggest challenge for Curaleaf Hemp is the lack of awareness around CBD products, the benefits of CBD products and how to choose the best products based on quality, testing and overall safety. People are still unfamiliar with CBD and its uses, notes Lynch. 

“We devote significant resources to educating consumers, not just about our products, but hemp-based CBD in general,” she says. “Our website is home to many resources that discuss the science behind CBD.”

Once consumers familiarize themselves with CBD, the next step is helping them to figure out what brands they can trust. There are many CBD products on the market, but there isn’t an industry standard for testing. 

“Curaleaf is open and transparent about how our hemp is grown and extracted and how our products are tested,” explains Lynch. “We also make our testing information available to the public. Curaleaf Hemp users can feel comfortable knowing what ingredients go into our products and that they are tested across the manufacturing process for consistency and reliability.” 

All Curaleaf Hemp products are derived from 100 percent U.S. farmed hemp, and include only natural, nonintoxicating ingredients which are infused with beneficial essential oils. 

“We utilize CO2 extraction processes and every CBD batch is tested for cannabinoid concentration as well as microbiological, pesticide, residual solvent, and trace metals,” says Lynch. “Finished products are tested again in order to meet the strictest quality standards. To ensure total transparency, we provide test results upon request. Our product line currently includes CBD oils, lotions and transdermal patches. We also offer a line of Bido branded pet products that include oil drops and soft baked bites.”

According to Lynch, what makes Curaleaf Hemp’s products unique is that consumers can trust Curaleaf Hemp. 

“We have developed effective hemp-based CBD products that meet the strictest quality standards in the industry based on years of extracting, formulating, and manufacturing products with various cannabinoids,” she says. 

Lynch points out that the CBD market is still new and consumers are still learning about how these products can positively support their wellness. 

“We encourage consumers to turn to our experienced team at Curaleaf Hemp with any questions,” she says. “Our social channels are a fast, effective and easy way to connect with use and ask questions.”

For more information, visit curaleafhemp.com. 

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