EATONTOWN, N.J.– July 12, 2022 — Clinilabs Drug Development Corporation (“Clinilabs”), a global, full-service contract research organization with deep expertise in central nervous system drug development, announced today that enrollment has begun in a Phase 1/2a clinical trial of CYB003, the first novel psilocybin analog to be evaluated in Phase 1/2a development for the treatment of major depressive disorder (“MDD”). CYB003 is being developed by Cybin Inc. (NEO:CYBN) (NYSE American:CYBN) (“Cybin”), a leading ethical biopharmaceutical company focused on progressing “Psychedelics to TherapeuticsTM”.

Cybin announced that it received Investigational New Drug clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the Phase 1/2a trial at the end of June, marking the industry’s first novel psilocybin analog to enter clinical development.

“Clinilabs is honored to be working with Cybin, an innovator in the development of novel psychedelic therapeutics, to conduct its first-in-human clinical trial of CYB003,” said Jeanine Falinski, Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development at Clinilabs. “We are excited by the potential of these therapeutics and hope that the future is life-changing for individuals suffering from mental illness. We are encouraged by the interest from potential research participants who have already come forward prior to today.”

“Successful patient recruitment and a proper clinical environment are integral components of this trial. As a global leader in drug development services, Clinilabs is a perfect partner and we are thankful for their support and guidance,” said Doug Drysdale, Chief Executive Officer of Cybin.

About the CYB003 Phase 1/2a Trial

The Phase 1/2a trial is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study evaluating people with moderate to severe MDD. Participants will receive two administrations of the study drug and a response/remission will be assessed at Week 3 (after first dose) and at Week 6 (after second dose). Importantly, participants in the trial that are currently being treated with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors will be allowed to remain on their antidepressant medication.

Using the Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale, the trial will assess rapid onset of antidepressant effect on the day of dosing. The study will also evaluate the incremental benefit of a second dose of CYB003 when administered at Week 3 and will provide important PK and safety data to determine a clinical path forward. An optional period of assessment will help determine the durability of treatment effect out to 12 weeks. The detailed Phase 1/2a study protocol is available at under the Identifier number: NCT05385783.

This research study is recruiting individuals between the ages of 21 and 55 who have been diagnosed with MDD and who are currently taking an SSRI or SNRI that is not working to their satisfaction. Participation includes 11 outpatient visits and two 2-day inpatient stays. Compensation may be up to $4,335 including travel. Participants who are located within reasonable travel distance to the Clinilabs Eatontown, New Jersey clinical research unit, may pre-screen for study entry at or by telephone at (212) 994-4567.

About CYB003

CYB003 is a deuterated analog of psilocybin, which is part of a family of molecules called indolamines that include more common neurotransmitters, such as serotonin. Psilocybin is dephosphorylated to form its metabolite psilocin, which can cross the blood-brain-barrier. Given its structural similarity to serotonin, CYB003 can easily activate the serotonin 5-HT2A receptor.

CYB003 is designed to potentially address the challenges and limitations of oral psilocybin. Based on preclinical data, CYB003 achieved less variability in plasma levels, faster onset of action, and shorter duration of effect. We believe CYB003 has the potential to reduce time and resource burden on patients, providers, and payers, and possibly improve scalability and accessibility​ of treatment.

About Clinilabs Drug Development Corporation

Clinilabs Drug Development Corporation is the only global, full-service contract research organization (CRO) focused exclusively on central nervous system (“CNS”) drug development. With deep expertise in CNS, we are committed to the development of medicines that treat a range of psychiatric, neurological and substance use disorders, as well as rare and ultra-rare CNS diseases. Clinilabs partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to deliver a complete, first-in-human to Phase 3 spectrum of high quality, timely, and cost-effective clinical drug development services, with the shared goal of speeding new CNS medicines to market. We are process-driven yet structured to be nimble, providing personalized service that meets the needs of customers and projects of all sizes. Clinilabs has conducted more than 675 CNS clinical trials in our 22-year history and played a pivotal role in the approval of 19 new therapies across 10 CNS indications to help transform the lives of patients worldwide.

About Cybin

Cybin is a leading ethical biopharmaceutical company, working with a network of world-class partners and internationally recognized scientists, on a mission to create safe and effective therapeutics for patients to address a multitude of mental health issues. Headquartered in Canada and founded in 2019, Cybin is operational in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Ireland. The Company is focused on progressing Psychedelics to Therapeutics by engineering proprietary drug discovery platforms, innovative drug delivery systems, novel formulation approaches and treatment regimens for mental health disorders.