What benefits do you see for patients throughout Florida within this space?

I see those people who qualify to become Florida medical cannabis patients benefiting by becoming part of a community that believes in the power of cannabis and whose goal is to produce the safest, purest products to give them the best quality of life possible. I know at Curaleaf, we are always looking for ways to educate and build special relationships within the communities we call home. 

What motivates you to be a part of the cannabis industry?

What motivates me to be part of this industry is the ability to give people an opportunity to have a better quality of life. I have always been into a holistic approach of medicine when possible, and this is a wonderful alternative and compliment with all types of treatments. But what really drives me are the stories I hear from patients … how they are once again living life, which they were not able to do for a long time. 

What field are you in within the cannabis space?

I began with Curaleaf working and developing the outreach and educational program. When I first started with Curaleaf 3 years ago we had no dispensaries, three products and physicians really did not have knowledge of the program and relied on us to assist them. I spent most of time going to every office explaining to physicians that, “yes, you can actually order products with THC,” as well as how to navigate this new arena of medical cannabis. I have since transitioned into the marketing department as the Brand Relationship Manager, where I work on strategic partnerships, brand recognition and numerous other tasks. 

How can people in Florida benefit from the company you represent?

People can benefit in two ways:1. Patients by knowing that they are receiving the purest and cleanest medical cannabis that is created by a company that truly cares about their patients and puts their wellness first.2. By becoming part of the Curaleaf family and working for a company that has a vision for the future and driven by a shared love for the power of cannabis. 

How did you get started within the cannabis industry?

I got started in the cannabis industry because of my cousin, who is more like a brother to me. He had several major back surgeries that left him disabled in his mid-twenties. He was taking 50+ pills a day from morphine to muscle relaxers, along with anti-anxiety and depression pills. The combination made him suicidal, obese and left him with zero quality of life. When medical cannabis became legal in CT where he resided at the time, he began experimenting. After about 18 months, I saw him lose 200 lbs, get on an airplane for the first time in 20 years to visit me, find his smile and have the desire to have his best life possible. Although he will always be on disability, he works out every day, has since moved to Florida and, we took him for his first Margarita at a restaurant in 25 years. 

Are you personally a MJ card holder? 

Yes, I have had multiple shoulder surgeries that has left me with permanent nerve damage and trigeminal neuralgia. I also have an auto-immune disease that creates a lot of inflammation. 

Do you see Florida moving forward with recreational marijuana/cannabis and how will that affect your business?

Since it did not make it on this year’s ballot is will be at least a couple of years before it has another opportunity. In Florida we are a medicinal company and will continue focusing on the medical side, and if and when the laws change we will make all the necessary adjustments to deliver Cannabis with confidence in all arenas.