What benefits do you see for patients throughout Florida within this space?

Patients are able to find natural healing, better mind/body connections, community, employment and educational opportunities pertaining to something about which they are passionate and peace of mind that they will not be prosecuted for using nature’s healing remedies.

What motivates you to be a part of the Cannabis Industry?

I’m a lawyer, and we service industries and their members based upon demand. MMTCs can’t stock enough of this precious commodity. From leases to litigation, the legal demands of the industry beg for experienced, outside-the-box advice and representation. We’re happy to be early adopters, and until cannabis is rescheduled federally, we are all early adopters.

As a personal motivation, I am a patient with severe autoimmune disease and the products I am able to purchase with peace of mind as to safety of product and law enforcement have had a profound impact on my health.

What field are you in within the Cannabis space?

We are business and real estate lawyers. We have the pleasure of representing industry members in meetings and courtrooms pertaining to business operations and the space in which their businesses operate.

How can people in Florida benefit from the company you represent?

Straight advice and strong courtroom representation. This industry is under attack in the private sector more than most realize. We provide ounces of prevention and pounds of cure, depending upon when we are engaged by the client.

How did you get started within the cannabis industry?

By getting my card and becoming a patient. 

Are you personally a MJ card holder? 

Proudly, and an advocate.

Do you see Florida moving forward with recreational Marijuana/Cannabis and how will that affect your business? 

Eventually there will be adult use in Florida. It will be a lawyer’s dream.