What benefits do you see for patients throughout Florida within this space?

Despite the federal barriers to research, hundreds of peer-reviewed studies have been published worldwide. While there is still much to learn, the medical potential is indisputable for a variety of symptoms and conditions. Patients are finding relief and changing their quality of lives using medical marijuana when traditional medications have failed them.

What motivates you to be a part of the Cannabis Industry?

I have become passionate about cannabis education for patients and physicians. As well as, learning and promoting in many diversified ways, the healing power of cannabis. Cannabis regulation is constantly evolving. We’re a part of making medical history in the United States, so there is a great deal of opportunities. There is no better feeling than being part of something that is making a true impact on the world and in many cases saving so many lives.

 What field are you in within the Cannabis space?

I am a co-founder, with my business partner Jill Giles, in Green Palms Health and Wellness, a medical cannabis clinic in Naples partnered with Concierge Cannabis Centers, Dr Paul Weisman. Once we started our clinic, we realized the gaps in medical cannabis education for physicians and patients which led to FMCC.

I am also a Co-Founder with Jill Giles in FMCC ORLANDO – Florida Medical Cannabis Conferences. FMCC educates patients and physicians, in learning more about cannabis product protocols, case studies, safety in self-dosing to the legalities and details needed to start your own practice. We also have several CBD lines. We have spent countless hours in researching the top of the line CBD options and are thrilled to have our own line and be part of Zilis patent pending water soluble technology.

I am an owner in GELSUM. I have always had a fascination with skincare products and regime at home as well as anti-aging prevention. So, I have developed a Hyaluronic acid serum including Vit C and healing water-soluble CBD. It is designed to stimulate the skin ECS, topical hemp serum and gel (for shaving) focuses on optimizing skin barrier function, sun damage repair, anti-aging and cell regeneration. This CBD-infused serum will hydrate and soothe sensitive skin with this organic breakthrough formula, featuring the latest water-soluble technology.

How can people in Florida benefit from the company you represent?

Modern research suggest that cannabis is a valuable aid in the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. Talking with your physician can be difficult. FMCC is an excellent resource for physicians to learn from physicians on proper medical use per condition. Legislators, business owners and patients can all benefit as well from our breakout sessions. We have partnered with some of the best educators and companies in the industry and are proud to be recognized as Florida’s number one conference. We also own and operate a medical cannabis clinic in Naples, Fl where patients may receive their certification and legally use medical cannabis.

 How did you get started within the cannabis industry?

A personal experience. Jill Giles and I have been best friends over 35 years. When she was diagnosed with Lupus, so much in her life changed. Long story short, she decided one day to take her health into her own hand. Two years later she is off all her traditional medication, in remission, seizure free – maintaining life on CBD and medical cannabis. Once we experienced this in our lives, we knew it was going to be our calling to share with as many people we could touch. This incredible miracle of life has restored Jill’s well-being and health. We could no longer keep up with our ideas for business in this space, once we made the commitment to share. Getting into the cannabis space is limitless.

Are you personally a MJ card holder?

Yes. I am a cancer survivor. I take medical cannabis to feel calm, to relieve anxiety and for better sleep. Most importantly, I personally believe it is healing my body from radiation damage. Studies say once you have had cancer there is a higher chance of recurrence. I believe in cannabis’ ability to kill cancerous cells. It was found in a study, published in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, that Cannabidiol has the ability to stop cancer by turning off a gene called Id-1. [1] In 2007, researchers at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, reported that CBD may prevent cancer from spreading. The researchers experimented on breast cancer cells in the lab that had high level of Id-1 and treated them with cannabidiol.

The outcome was rather positive, the cells had decreased Id-1 expression, and were less aggressive spreaders. In fact, the American Association for Cancer Research has found that marijuana actually works to slow down tumor growth in brain, breast, and lungs considerately. Another side benefit, having my card has also helped me guide patients in our practice with product knowledge and dosing.

Do you see Florida moving forward with recreational Marijuana/Cannabis and how will that affect your business?

Yes, I do. Although, I believe it will be 3-4 years before Florida becomes recreational. Diversity. I am creating paths today that lead to continued growth in the cannabis industry. Continued education will always be needed in Florida. We have plans to take our conferences National by educating other states in their infancy (TMCC). I am a skincare junkie; people are loving the healing and anti-aging benefits of Gelsum serum. The latest trend in anti-aging are cannabis-derived ingredients which can revolutionize how we treat everything from acne to eczema and wrinkles. I feel the options are endless.