Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTC: MCTC) (“Cannabis Global” or the “Company”), a cannabinoid and hemp extract science-forward company developing infusion and delivery technologies, is pleased to update current and prospective shareholders as the Company continues to make strong progress on its “Project Varin” initiative, a project launched earlier this year designed to produce ultra-highly bioavailable exotic cannabinoids.

To date, Project Varin has produced new cannabinoid production techniques, unique time-released polymeric nanoparticles, and two novel patent filings. The Company is now implementing a program to produce commercially viable quantities for use in its own products to be released later this month.

“While THC-V is found in very small quantities within the cannabis plant, extraction, isolation and purification is currently problematic and unreliable,” commented Arman Tabatabaei, CEO of Cannabis Global. “For this reason, we have expanded our research and development programs to include ultra-pure manufactured THC-V. We expect our new THC-V products to not only be the first to market, but to also establish leadership relative to quality and purity with zero heavy metals, solvent residues, plant impurities and no chance of cannabinoid microbial and mold proliferation. Other manufacturers need to mitigate these issues, but with our technology, these simply cannot be issues as we completely avoid the processing steps where such impurities are introduced.”

Cannabis Global believes the only way to ensure the high level of quality desired by the marketplace is to base products on manufactured THC-V. While the market situation may change in the future, suppliers of rare cannabinoids derived from hemp and cannabis must contend with a host of issues such as variability between plants and product batches, residual solvents from harsh extraction methods, the introduction of heavy metal via the growing medium, and, probably most importantly, meaningful levels of undesired cannabinoids, such as highly psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

As noted, Cannabis Global’s Project Varin was launched earlier this year and has already produced research breakthroughs, resulting in the filing of two patents. The most significant of these developments is a new method to produce polymeric nanoparticles with sustained-release properties, allowing for the gradual release of cannabinoids over a predetermined period of time. The Company has been able to accomplish these breakthroughs utilizing 100% food-grade technologies and techniques. These developments, which were gained utilizing botanically-sourced cannabinoids have now been applied to these only recently available ultra-pure manufactured cannabinoids, such as THC-V. 

“Project Varin has produced results beyond our expectations,” continued Mr. Tabatabaei. “While planning to continue our research into exotic cannabinoids, our focus is not to just develop new technologies, but to also design products based on these innovations. Our product program for the first set of THC-V tea and coffee products is on schedule and when combined with our patent-pending Hemp You Can Feel™ coffee and alcohol-free cocktail mixers, represents considerable innovation in the developing market for exotic cannabinoid products.”

About Cannabis Global, Inc.

Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTC:MCTC) is a Nevada registered, fully reporting and audited publicly-traded company. With the hemp and cannabis industries moving very quickly and with a growing number of market entrants, Cannabis Global plans to concentrate its efforts on the middle portions of the hemp and cannabis value chain. The Company plans to actively pursue R&D programs and productization for exotic cannabinoid isolation, bioenhancement of cannabinoids and polymeric solid nanoparticles and nanofibers for addition into consumer products and for dermal application. The Company was reorganized during June of 2019 and announced its intent to enter the fast-growing cannabis sector. The Company is headed and managed by a group of highly experienced cannabis industry pioneers and entrepreneurs.