Introducing Purity at its Finest with New Broken Coast Cherry Cheesecake and EmergenZ Strains
TORONTO, March 05, 2024  — Tilray Brands, Inc. (“Tilray”) (Nasdaq: TLRY; TSX: TLRY), a leading global cannabis-lifestyle and consumer packaged goods company, announced today the latest craft flower releases by premium cannabis brand, BROKEN COASTTM. The brand introduces a new indica and new sativa: Cherry Cheesecake and EmergenZ.

Since 2013, Broken Coast has stood out from the crowd with premium growing methods and meticulous quality controls, ensuring every harvest delivers high quality cannabis. From the pheno-hunting process to hand-trimming, slow-curing, and hand-packing, we’re raising the standard for what top-tier cannabis should be.

Broken Coast’s New Flower Lineup features:

  • Cherry Cheesecake: The perfect indica to top off a meal, featuring dramatic purple and orange indica buds flooded with milky trichomes and amber pistils, featuring a cherry, cheese, and sour profile thanks to its Kimbo Kush x Cherry Pie lineage. Available in 3.5g flower, 7g flower and 5 x 0.5g pre-roll packs.
  • EmergenZ: Fresh-squeezed orange aromas emanate from these dense sativa buds blanketed in icy white trichomes, featuring grapefruit, citrus, pine notes courtesy of its Orange Push Pop x Sunset Sherbet lineage. Available in 3.5g flower, 7g flower and 5 x 0.5g pre-roll packs.

Broken Coast’s new craft flower family including Cherry Cheesecake and EmergenZ are now available in Canada across select regions and retailers, including Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario with further expansion nationwide. Find what Broken Coast flower speaks to you by following us at and visit for more.

About Broken Coast
Broken Coast is raising the standard for craft cannabis through the relentless pursuit of purity. It’s late nights. It’s long days. It’s an incurable obsession with pursuing the purest, most quintessential expression of the plant that began in 2013 on the pristine coast of Vancouver Island and continues to inspire us every single day. Cherry Cheesecake and EmergenZ are the latest additions to our stellar craft flower line-up including: Sour OG, Holy Grail Kush, and Amnesia Haze.

For us, striving for purity isn’t a sprint – it’s an infinite marathon. We believe patience is a virtue and we know real quality can’t be rushed. That’s why we take our time pheno-hunting through thousands of plants, unsatisfied until we discover the most exceptional expressions of genetics. It’s why we monitor our grow rooms for temperature, airflow, nutrition, and humidity. And why we adhere to strict procedural and environmental protocols to maximize purity, quality, and customer satisfaction.

This uncompromising, unrelenting pursuit ensures we grow big, beautiful buds that deliver quality you can see, smell and taste. Creating pristine, high-quality cannabis takes care and time, which is why we take ours in the pursuit of purity.

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About Tilray Brands

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