Toronto, Ontario, October 04, 2022  — Ayurcann Holdings Corp. (CSE: AYUR, OTCQB: CDCLF, FSE: 3ZQ0) (“Ayurcann” or the “Corporation”), a leading Canadian cannabis extraction company specializing in the processing and co-manufacturing of pharma-grade cannabis and hemp to produce various Cannabis 2.0 products in the medical and recreational cannabis markets, is pleased to announce the approval of 15 additional product listings in the Vape, Concentrates and Flower categories in the Provinces of Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Ayurcann will launch additional lines of products under its house brands ‘Fuego’, ‘H&S’, ‘XPLOR’, ‘JOINTS’ and ‘BRAVO6’. New products include various innovations in Distillate Vapes, Resin Vapes and Multi-Cannabinoid Vapes, including CBN, high potency CBD oils and high potency Dablicators. With cannabis flower sales growing across the Canadian recreational market Ayurcann is pleased with the acceptance of 8 new product stock keeping units (“SKUs”) and will be offering high potency milled, pre-rolled and value flower. All products will be made available through adult-use stores, including authorized retailers across Canada.

Ayurcann will be launching the products across Canada, which will allow for greater market penetration, including faster and more scaled distribution. Ayurcann has been executing its strategy to expand its market share in extract and extract derivatives, while providing exceptional products and value to consumers.

“We are thrilled with the growth of Ayurcann and its products within the Canadian marketplace. With the ability to produce products that are embraced by cannabis consumers, offering value and innovation, we are optimistic about our future growth, and the potential of becoming an industry leader. We have been successfully selling throughout various Provinces within Canada, including Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, and believe that the continued interest from consumers and retailers will help elevate Ayurcann as a leader in the industry”, said Igal Sudman, Chief Executive Officer of Ayurcann.

About Ayurcann Holdings Corp.

Ayurcann is a leading post-harvest solution provider focusing on providing and creating custom processes and pharma-grade products for the adult use and medical cannabis industry in Canada. Ayurcann is striving to become a partner of choice for leading Canadian and international cannabis brands by providing best-in-class, proprietary services, including extraction, formulation, product development and custom manufacturing.