• First shipment of D*gg lbs (pronounced “dog pounds”) from the Company’s EU GMP facility in Chatham, Ontario has arrived in Israel
  • Two new SKUs of D*gg lbs are now available for retailers to purchase through Ontario Cannabis Stores (“OCS”)
  • Up to six additional SKUs are expected to follow in August for retailers to purchase D*gg lbs through the OCS

CHATHAM, ONTARIO and TEL-AVIV, ISRAEL, July 26, 2023 – Atlas Global Brands Inc. (“Atlas Global” or the “Company”) (CSE: ATL), a cannabis company with expertise across the value chain, announced today its first shipment of the Company’s latest brand, D*gg lbs a collaboration with world-renowned entertainer, Calvin Broadus Jr. a.k.a Snoop Dogg (“Snoop Dogg”) has arrived in Israel. Furthermore, the Company is pleased to announce that two D*gg lbs SKUs are now available for retailers to purchase through the OCS, with up to six additional SKUs scheduled to be available next month.

First Shipment of D*gg lbs Has Arrived in Israel

In February 2023, the Company entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Snoop Dogg, granting Atlas use of the artist’s name, image, logos, trademarks, and other authorized intellectual property to create, package, manufacture, distribute, sell, advertise, promote, and market a diverse range of cannabis products (“Products”).

On July 21, 2023, the Company’s first shipment of D*gg lbs from its Chatham, Ontario arrived in Israel and is expected to be packaged and available to pharmacies and patients in Israel in late August. Three new SKUs for this product are scheduled to be available for patients in Israel next month.

The D*gg lbs brand has sparked considerable interest in Israel and is anticipated to be eagerly embraced by patients upon its arrival. All flower is indoor-grown, hang-dried, and hand trimmed.

The collaboration between Snoop Dogg and Atlas Global extends beyond mere product offerings. The shared vision is cultivating a vibrant community and fostering meaningful connections with cannabis enthusiasts through education, advocacy, and interactive experiences. This includes organizing events, promoting responsible consumption, and supporting initiatives that contribute to the overall well-being and positive growth of the cannabis industry.

D*gg lbs Now Available at the OCS

D*gg lbs hit the shelves in Ontario Cannabis Stores earlier this month with two SKUs and up to six additional SKUs scheduled for August 2023.

Some of the new D*gg lbs SKUs include:

  • Cryptic Chronic 3.5g flower (available now)
  • Juicy OooWee 2 x 0.5g Distillate Infused Pre-rolls (available now)
  • Lodi Dodi OG 3.5g flower (available in August)
  • Cryptic Blueberry 1g Distillate Infused Blunt (available in August)
  • Lodi Dodi OG 1g Blunt (available in August)
  • Cryptic Chronic 2 x 0.5g Blunts (available in August)
  • Cryptic Blueberry AIO 1g Vape (available in August)
  • Juicy OooWee AIO 1g Vape (available in August)

“The flower, hardware and overall experience have been shaped by consumer insights,” said Bernie Yeung, CEO of Atlas Global. “We’re really proud to drop these products in the market and to continue expanding Snoop Dogg’s lineup of cannabis products.”

About Atlas Global Brands

Atlas Global is a global cannabis company operating in Canada and Israel with expertise across the cannabis value chain, including cultivation, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. Atlas currently distributes to seven countries: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Norway, and the United Kingdom. In addition to a differentiated product mix, Atlas Global operates two licensed cannabis facilities: (1) an EU-GMP facility in Chatham, ON, and; (2) a GACP and IMC-GAP facility in Stratford, ON. Atlas Global also has a majority interest in three medical pharmacies in Israel and entered into binding agreements to acquire a majority interest in a trading house and six additional medical cannabis pharmacies in Israel. Learn more by visiting: www.atlasglobalbrands.com.

About D*gg lbs

D*gg lbs is Snoop Dogg’s new line of cannabis products and hemp products, available in the major market in Canada and Israel, and soon to be available in the United States in the hemp market.