James West

By Daniel Casciato

Arfinn Learning Solutions, Inc., the company which launched www.arfinnmed.com, an online peer-to-peer portal for medical professionals to share HIPAA protected patient treatments and efficacies for cannabis and other non-traditional practices, continues to add to its electronic medical record platform. 

In addition to integrating software applications such as Square and ScheduleOnce, Arfinn also created more functionality to the existing site, created a premium version of the physician platform, and built a patient-focused platform. 

“We now have voice-to-text capabilities that have been tested on a medical lexicon and automatically populate forms required by the state,” says James West, Arfinn CEO and founder. “All these features save our practices’ time by reducing the administrative burden. Medical professionals can now spend more time with their patients now.”

The platform’s new paid premium version, costing users $99 per month, will complement the free version. While the free version remains robust, West explains that they wanted to add some additional customization that its users could opt-in for. That includes things such as co-branding all forms, creating automatic re-cert reminders to send to patients, and running a patient referral program. 

“Our system can run all aspects of a medical practice, from the HIPAA-compliant medical records, to the business side of reducing no shows and improving patient retention,” West adds. “The premium version is still less expensive than other systems out there that do even less.”

The patient-focused platform will house a directory of participating cannabis physicians, according to West.

“Our users believe in the power of data in helping them to create personalized cannabis treatment plans and track patients’ progress,” he says. “This results in better care for patients. We want to use our resources to provide patients who are seeking relief from any number of medical conditions to connect with doctors who will actually take the time to be a partner in their treatment.” 

West says they’ve had so many patients reach out asking for physician recommendations in their area, that they thought they would create a site where patients can search for efficacy data on specific conditions and symptom relief with cannabis. 

“We felt that we could also connect them to a doctor that is using our platform and our powerful data tools,” he says. “In our view it’s a win-win for physicians and patients. We want doctors to have the most meaningful and secure data at their fingertips so they can help patients. We believe that doctors who are using our EMR have access to certain functionality that allows them to do this. We want to connect patients who really want symptom relief to our network so they can get the best care available.”

Looking back during this past year, West says that the company’s biggest accomplishment has been the growing number of medical professionals registering and using its platform. 

“We created it to be incredibly intuitive and easy to use, and we believe that is why we have had such success,” he says. “We believe in our product so much that we don’t require duration contracts or data extraction fees. We are confident that if you try us, you won’t leave. And so far that’s been true, and that’s incredibly unique given the different procedures and regulations forced upon doctors from state to state.” 

West says that the team is incredibly excited about 2020. They are finalizing some agreements to have the platform translated and offered in many different countries, as well as even more increased functionality across existing platforms. 

“Our goal is to automate all administrative work, and we have some cool new features that will help our users do that in the new year,” he says.

For more information, visit www.arfinnmed.com.