Americanna Laboratories, a premiere cannabis testing laboratory with headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, announced the addition of Wyman Dickey as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). 

Dickey brings tremendous experience to this role having worked at the senior leadership level for 17 years in the highly regulated field of career postsecondary education. His operational success in overseeing both start-up and tenured institutions matches well with the financial and managerial benchmarks facing Americanna Laboratories in the coming years. His ability to secure high levels of satisfaction from clients and colleagues correlates with Americanna’s desire to always exceed the expectations of customers.

“Wyman Dickey has established a strong history of success in both quality outcomes and financial performance. In a field such as laboratory testing, you must maintain a high standard in every aspect and he clearly is used to exceeding in this type of environment. We believe this move will bring immediate results.” said Co-Founder David Perez.