MAC1 and Orange Apricot MAC Flower Available From ERBB

Phoenix, Arizona – July 21, 2022 – Today American Green (ERBB:OTC) announced that it has begun selling its own American Green branded “Private Reserve“ premium cannabis flower in Arizona. TruMed in Phoenix, AZ, is the first dispensary to offer the first American Green Cannabis branded product. The company’s “top shelf” flower is being grown in its Sweet Virginia facility. American Green has started to market their “Private Reserve” flower to over 70 Arizona Dispensaries where their cannabis products are already being sold under the Curaleaf brand. 

“We are extremely excited that consumers are now able to purchase our cannabis branded with the American Green name for the first time in its history.  We have been waiting for the proper time to market and sell our premium flower from the Sweet Virginia facility directly to dispensaries. We couldn’t be more pleased with the new product and the job that our whole grow team has done to get this amazing cannabis flower to market. The Company has identified the premium cannabis vertical in the Arizona market as a great opportunity for it to increase sales and brand awareness,” said David G. Gwyther, president of American Green.  

According to American Green’s Director of Cultivation Jacob Cohen, “Our team is hand-selecting only the best top buds, and slowly drying them during a 14-day process. This “slow and low” method of drying allows the consumer to experience the pure essence of the natural terpenes and flavonoids in the strains that we are known for. Each bud is manicured by hand, undergoing an additional 7-14 day cure process. 

We believe that you cannot rush quality, and that truly shows in the end result of our “Private Reserve” cannabis flower.” 


“By growing its own “Private Reserve” flower branded product now, American Green has a head start on improving and perfecting the product at the Sweet Virginia Grow.  It can use that knowledge to optimally produce the “Private Reserve” flower at the future 40,000sf Cypress Chill grow facility once completed.  Cypress Chill has plans to be equipped with the same LED lighting, and operational procedures in its grow rooms that are currently in use at the Sweet Virginia operation,” concludes Mr. Cohen.

There are archives of hundreds of hours of video footage from our “Sweet Virginia” Grow operation that can be found on the  American Green YouTube Channel

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