January 11, 2022 – Today American Green’s (ERBB:OTC) president, David Gwyther, announced its “Cypress Chill” location, located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, has been issued its first building permit and is now under construction. The 40,000 SF cannabis grow is expected to be completed by year-end.

David Gwyther, American Green’s president and chairman, said, “American Green’s general contractor, Gierczyk Inc. has been working tirelessly to get our building permit to start interior demolition. Gierczyk Inc. is not only the G.C. but is also the designer of “Cypress Chill.” The American Green grow team, headed by Bryan Croteau has been working closely with Gierczyk Inc. to help build the most efficient and optimal grow operation possible.

We are extremely excited to be underway with the development of what will be our largest cannabis grow facility.  Our experience over the past 4 years regarding the launch and operation of a new grow facility is invaluable. From finding our “Sweet Virginia” grow building, to fully building it out and getting it up and growing premium cannabis for our licensed partner Curaleaf, that experience puts us in a great position to bring the state-of-the-art Cypress Chill grow to market.”

At approximately 40,000 SF, this new American Green building is being designed to have about 36,000 SF under canopy for growing its premium cannabis, and about 4,000 SF is reserved for production and corporate office space.

Bryan Croteau, American Green’s Cultivation General Manager, adds, “We love the fact that the Cypress Chill grow is only about a mile and a half away from our existing Sweet Virginia grow.  The proximity of the buildings will allow us to maximize our team’s time and effort now and in the future.   We have been working diligently with suppliers to get the best possible pricing, equipment and delivery times for all of Cypress Chill’s development needs. We are also very happy with the progress that Gierczyk Inc. has made since we signed our lease to get us to this extremely important part of the project.

I want to emphasize that while our Cypress Chill grow will have more than 3 times the amount of cannabis grow space, it will also be doing a few things more to further our cannabis distribution that our Sweet Virginia grow does not currently do. The Cypress Chill operation is dedicated to developing and selling our new premium “American Green” brand cannabis products.  These products will provide higher profit margins than the premium cannabis products we currently wholesale that are in over 75 Arizona recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries.

These retail dispensaries in Arizona already love our premium cannabis, and we will be supplying them with many products, including edibles, and concentrates such as ‘Live Resin’, ‘Diamonds and Sauce’, ‘Budder’, and ‘Apple Sauce’ – all produced using American Green’s own in-house grown selection of cannabis genetics, and all branded exclusively under the American Green name,” concludes Mr. Croteau.