January 18, 2022 – American Green, Inc. (OTC:ERBB) announced today that the improvements it has made to its 12,000 SF “Sweet Virginia” grow operation are expected to increase the estimated annual revenue to $3,200,000 per year, up sixty percent from approximately $2,000,000 per year.  American Green has already started to realize increased revenue from the improvements that were made during the 4th quarter of the calendar year.

 American Green president, David G. Gwyther, said, “12 weeks ago we hired Jacob Cohen, previous Cultivation Manager at High Grade AZ., as American Green’s Director of Cultivation. Mr. Cohen has already made some amazing improvements to our top-line revenue growth and to the existing layout of the Sweet Virginia Grow. By implementing his plant management techniques, and combining plant science, we have been able to achieve peak efficiency from the original grow equipment and systems that were installed when we opened the facility over 3 years ago. Mr. Cohen has also been training our staff as he has been implementing his operational improvements. These improvements are already responsible for a 40% increase in overall plant yield.”

Bryan Croteau, American Green’s Director of Operations, said, “We were so impressed with the progress that Mr. Cohen made in such a short time frame that we decided to improve the Sweet Virginia Grow more by adding the newest technologically advanced equipment, to maximize our profit potential. We are already underway making facility-wide lighting changes. Until now, we have been using single-spectrum Ceramic Lights, and we are now moving to Full Spectrum top-of-the-line Efinity LED lighting.

“The lighting we’ve sourced is a 1-to-1 direct replacement for the industry-standard “Double-Ended HPS” lights. The new LED lights will keep our operational costs down significantly. Our new Efinity lights are the highest gram-per-watt producing lights available to the market at this time, and we anticipate an approximate 77% further increase in overall production. These LEDs operate at a 15% reduction in electrical usage, combined with an overall heat load reduction of 35%, and the overall electrical savings can be expected to be in the 25% range. Phase one of the project is estimated to be complete by March 1st, and phase two is expected to be complete by April 26th of this year. The exact same Efinity LED lights will also be used in American Green’s newest 40,000 SF “Cypress Chill” grow facility.”

A live look-in link to our “Sweet Virginia” grow is provided below. The feed is operational most days during regular Arizona business hours. Archives of hundreds of hours of footage from the grow operation can also be found on youtube.


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