June 16, 2022 – Tilray Brands, Inc. (“Tilray” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: TLRY; TSX: TLRY), a leading global cannabis-lifestyle and consumer packaged goods company inspiring and empowering the worldwide community to live their very best life, today announced the expansion of Broken Coast’s best-selling premium cannabis portfolio with the launch of their summer lineup of products, including; premium craft-cannabis BC (British Columbia) flower, liquid wax vapes, and their newest innovation, butane hash oil (“BHO”) vapes.

“Broken Coast is a heritage cannabis brand that provides consumers with exceptional experiences through its unique small-batch craft cannabis offerings.” said Kyle Asselstine, Broken Coast’s Brand Manager. “Now with our best-in-class BHO extraction lab, we are able to produce the highest-quality vape and concentrate products with full spectrum, terpene-rich extracts. We’re extremely proud and excited to offer our new summer lineup of full spectrum ‘woah’.”

Broken Coast’s summer lineup includes;

Craft Butane Hash Oil (BHO) Vapes

  • Amnesia Haze Live Resin 510 Vapes: Broken Coast’s Amnesia Haze live resin vapes are made with full-spectrum concentrate derived from flash-frozen flower. Handled with the utmost care to preserve the essence of the live cannabis flower, it then undergoes an advanced butane extraction process to refine it into a live resin extract with remarkable flavor, color, potency and consistency. At 75% THC and 8% terpenes, this is an exciting new way to enjoy a haze that’s sure to amaze.

  • Up In The Sky Liquid Wax 510 Vapes: Known for their strong and unique terpene profile that smacks of citrus and spice. The Up In The Sky full-spectrum liquid wax vape has a dominant terpene profile that includes caryophyllene, myrcene and limonene that offer enticing aromas that translate exceptionally to the flavor profile. With a 73%-80% THC for a full experience, the bold lime and orange zest are unleashed in this full spectrum format. Get more ‘WOAH’ with a wider spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids than standard distillate vapes with these liquid wax vapes.

Small Batch Premium Flower

  • Sour OG: Broken Coast’s Sour OG flower is a legacy sativa-dominant strain with a terpene profile that includes caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene and beta-pinene, producing an intense flavor with notes of lime and diesel. The lime green and purple buds have a THC potency between 19-25% and 3-5% terps, available in 1 g, 3.5 g and 7 g dried flower varieties.

  • Amnesia Haze: The distinct terpene profile of this flower makes it the sativa marvel that it is, satisfying even the most discerning with its lime green buds that are so thickly covered in trichomes that you may have trouble letting go. Always grown in small-batch, strain-specific rooms, then slowly hang cured and hand trimmed, this whole flower comes in between 20-26%.

  • Sunset Sherbet: With the most abundant terpenes being caryophyllene, linalool and myrcene, Sunset Sherbet evokes the totally unique smell and taste of a basket of fresh strawberries and guava. The rich aromas also give a pungent undertone that makes it one of the more coveted cultivars ever grown by Broken Coast. Hitting highs of 20-25% THC, Sunset Sherbet is a summer must-have.

  • Platinum Garlic: Sweet, savory and stunning. Platinum Garlic is a hybrid hitting 19-25% THC and 2-4% terpenes. Featuring pungent onion and bold garlic aromas with intense sweetness and a touch of vanilla owing to their abundant caryophyllene, myrcene and terpinolene terpenes. (Currently available in BC, Available Nationally in July)

With the release of the new Platinum Garlic flower, Broken Coast expands its portfolio of terpene-rich, small-batch, hand-crafted flower. Following the success of the Amnesia Haze flower, along with Amnesia Haze Live Resin Budder, the Amnesia Haze 510 Live Resin vape cartridge is yet another way to enjoy this consumer favorite strain.

About Broken Coast

Founded in 2013 in British Columbia, Canada, Broken Coast is a heritage cannabis brand widely recognized for setting the standard for craft cannabis in Canada. Leveraging proprietary growing practices perfected for each cultivar, Broken Coast delivers the ultimate true expression out of each cannabis plant.  With relentless dedication to craft growing, Broken Coast specializes in growing small-batch, single strains, hand trimmed, and naturally slow-cured buds delivering the highest-grade cannabis to uphold the quality and reputation that BC bud has earned worldwide.

For more information on where to find Broken Coast’s summer lineup, visit www.brokencoast.com and follow @brokencoast.ca on Instagram and @brokencoastltd on Twitter.

About Tilray Brands  

Tilray Brands, Inc. (Nasdaq: TLRY and TSX: TLRY) is a leading global cannabis-lifestyle and consumer packaged goods company with operations in Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia, and Latin America that is changing people’s lives for the better – one person at a time – by inspiring and empowering the worldwide community to live their very best life by providing them with products that meet the needs of their mind, body, and soul and invoke a sense of wellbeing. Tilray’s mission is to be the trusted partner for its patients and consumers by providing them with a cultivated experience and health and wellbeing through high-quality, differentiated brands and innovative products. A pioneer in cannabis research, cultivation, and distribution, Tilray’s unprecedented production platform supports over 20 brands in over 20 countries, including comprehensive cannabis offerings, hemp-based foods, and alcoholic beverages.